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Tyland Barn
ME14 3BD
United Kingdom

Partnership actions tagged by Kent Wildlife Trust

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The river should support a mosaic of habitats with high biodiversity value
Eradicate and control Invasive non-native flora and fauna
Sub catchment Status
Expand the mink control programme within the catchment Darent Proposed View
Promote strategies to deal with invasive species
Sub catchment Status
Chemical treatment of Japanese knotweed at Ruxley Gravel Pit Cray and Shuttle Active View
Improve condition and biodiversity of riparian areas
Sub catchment Status
Creation of habitat for protected species Eden Planned
Enhance floodplain habitat near Edenbridge Eden Proposed
Explore potential for floodplain rehabilitation at Hever Castle Eden Planned
Promote riparian buffer strips on agricultural land Eden Active
Identify potential for floodplain rehabilitation throughout the catchment Eden Active
To have communities that enjoy, engage with and protect the river
Ensure the river is well-valued and understood by the local community
Sub catchment Status
Develop a citizen science project with the local community to provide intelligence on river issues. Darent Proposed View
Undertake Natural Capital assessment to inform the prioritisation of actions and value of ecosystem services provided by the River Eden. Eden Proposed
Ensure stakeholders are aware and can contribute to the catchment improvement process
Sub catchment Status
Continued stakeholder engagement with the Medway Catchment Partnership and its River Eden sub-group. Eden Active
Sub catchment Status
Work with farming community to tackle diffuse pollution issues Darent Proposed View
Habitat restoration to help achieve Good Ecological Potential in the Hammer Stream Beult Completed View
To improve water quality
Improve awareness and understanding of water quality
Sub catchment Status
Promote best practice farming approaches Middle Medway Proposed
Promote early engagement through working with local youth groups and Brownies / Scouts Eden Proposed
Reduce siltation in the river
Sub catchment Status
Work with landowners to improve failing banks at Mill Pond, Haxted Mill (TQ41880 45524) Eden Planned
To restore the river to a more naturally functioning watercourse
Enhance river hydromorphology and biodiversity
Sub catchment Status
Investigate fish passage throughout Eden catchment Eden Active