Thames 21

78-83 Walbrook Wharf
Upper Thames Street
United Kingdom

Darent Partnership actions tagged by Thames 21

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To have communities that enjoy, engage with and protect the river
Ensure the river is well-valued and understood by the local community
Sub catchment Status
Run community clean up events as part of 'Love your river' days Cray and Shuttle Active View
Increasing public knowledge of the rivers heritage and wildlife etc. through community engagement activities and events
Sub catchment Status
Deliver river based education programme through local primary and secondary schools. Cray and Shuttle Active View
Protect biodiversity through public engagement, education and research
Sub catchment Status
Connect communities with the value of their rivers Cray and Shuttle Active View
The river should support a mosaic of habitats with high biodiversity value
Promote strategies to deal with invasive species
Sub catchment Status
Organise manual pulling of Himalayan balsam until the species is eradicated Cray and Shuttle Active View
Sub catchment Status
Develop network of volunteers to report flooding and/or pollution events Cray and Shuttle Active View